Tips For Choosing The Right Hunting Crossbow

5 Helpful Hunting Crossbow Tips

Looking to buy a brand new deer hunting crossbow? Well, before you go ahead and check this post out.

1. Dont just go out and buy a piece of junk. There are plenty of hunting crossbows out there that look great and “seem” to perform well for the money. You just have to remember that – more times than not – you do get what you pay for. I stress and am so overly conscious when I purchase something cheap that it ruins the fun of having the item.

2. If you buy a cheap crossbow, then it breaks – and you end up buying a good one – you just lost some serious money. If you are worried about the quality of a crossbow, then save your money and get what makes you happy.

3. Dont make a hasty purchase. What I mean is always do your research before buying a hunting crossbow. To do thsi simply type the brand name into google and there should be plenty of customer reviews. This should give you a basic understanding of the product.

4. Dont believe everything you read on a customer review. Many times people will give extremely biased review in order to give a company a bad reputation or to make you want to buy it.

5. Check the specs of the crossbow like the power stroke, fps, and draw weight. There are so many bows out there that look great and have a great price that have very short arrows. They also try to hide this apect of the bow. I am no expert – and please correct me if I am wrong – the shorter the bolt, the less accurate the crossbow becomes. I wonder why models such as bow-tech, ten point, and excalibur have longer bolts that the rest? 8)

Make Sure To Look At The Arrow Length
Yes its true, arrow length does facto into the crossbow’s accuracy. That is why most Barnett Crossbows, Parker Crossbows, Bowtech, and Ten Point will have arrow lengths of over 20″. There is a reason for it folks – they are charging a lot of money for these bows and they are going to make them accurate. I can prove this.

Go to the sportsman’s guide and look at the Jaguar crossbow and the Eagle Vi. Both of these crossbows look really good, but the price looks even better. I have to give props to the guide for marketing their products so well – bravo, but that doesn’t mean that they are excellent crossbows. Yes, the guide does endorse them and I am sure they will work, but Im not so sure everybody will be that happy with them.

Remember that for only a 100 to 200 more dollars you could get a decent Barnett Crossbow. I Have a Barnett wildcat crossbow and I love it. I have done many reviews on you tube of it and will post one for you to check it out. The wild cat is a great crossbow that is decently quiet, very fast and has a great trigger pull. The trigger is so much lighter and smoother than I would have ever imagined. Remember that you do not want to spend money on something that you may turn out being unhappy with and with you wouldn’t have done it. Just save your money and get the crossbow that you want. Thank you for reading this post about choosing the right hunting crossbow.


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