Tenpoint Titan Xtreme Crossbow Review


In our opinion the best sort of crossbow that you can buy is one that is highly accessible to the beginner, but is advanced enough that as the hunter grows in skill the crossbow will stay relevant and grow with them, staying useful as long the hunter continues to hunt. Unfortunately the list of crossbows that meet these criteria is pretty small, and if you are looking for one that falls into a price range that will be affordable by the average hunter you are left with what amounts to a handful of options, luckily we have pinned down one of these elusive crossbows, the Tenpoint Titan Xtreme and we will address all the reasons why this may be one of the best bang for your buck crossbows on the market right now.

Draw Weight – 180 lbs
FPS – 333
Kinetic Energy – 91 ft/lbs
Power Stroke -12.6″
Mass Weight – 7.3 lbs
Length – 38”
Width – Axle-to-Axle -21.6”/18.5”

Crossbow Type

Quad Limb Compound – As with many high level crossbows the Tenpoint Titan Xtreme uses a quad limb design, this allows for a large amount of power to be placed into it’s relatively narrow frame, and beginners need not worry about being overwhelmed if they are not experienced with using compound style crossbow because Tenpoint has simplified the Titan Xtreme’s design to the point that anyone could be familiar with it with only a few minutes practice.

Tenpoint Titan Xtreme Assembly

The process of putting the Titan Xtreme together is about as easy as it gets, you only need to attach the bow assembly to the main assembly to the body of the crossbow, and then attach the quiver which is even easier. The scope comes pre mounted, so once the previous steps are completed you can take your crossbow out and get to sighting it in. All necessary tools and accessories for assembly are included in the package, as well as some very high quality instructions. Assembly time should be under 15 minutes.

Tenpoint Titan Xtreme Features

GripGuard Safety Shield – This is a useful feature that raises the safety rating of the Titan Xtreme and increases it’s accessibility to newer hunters. It is designed to keep the shooter’s fingers from traveling up towards the flight deck where their hands can be hit by the string or bolts both of which can cause very serious injuries.

ACUdraw cocking mechanism – While the system is not included with this package, the Titan Xtreme has the ability to have Tenpoint’s ACUdraw mechanism attached, which makes cocking it much simpler. While it is unfortunate that there is no other rope cocking device included with the package, it is certainly worth investing in the ACUdraw system if you decide to the Titan package as you will likely be using it for a long time to come.

Tenpoint 3X Pro-View illuminated multi-reticle scope – This scope is one of the biggest value points of the Titan Xtreme package, it is extremely high quality and comes pre mounted/sighted in though you may have to adjust it slightly. It boasts five levels of illumination to ensure that you will always have the perfect amount of light for any situation, and it also gives you the ability to select either a red or green dot. This all adds up to an excellent scope which perfectly compliments the Titan Xtreme.

Power Touch Trigger – Tenpoint’s Power Touch trigger system rounds out the accessibility of the Titan Xtreme, providing a smooth-yet-crisp 3.5lb pull that should please anyone who gets to use it, and places the full power of the Titan Xtreme comfortably at your fingertips.

Deluxe 4 Arrow HX Quiver – For the most part a standard yet high quality, quick detach polycarbonate quiver, one thing that sets this one apart a bit is the inclusion of a handy quick detach quiver that could allow one to shed the quiver quickly at a key moment.

3x Tenpoint Aluminum Bolts – You also get three Tenpoint brand arrows in this package, they are fine for hunting, however they will likely not last very long so it is advised that you do not put your favorite or best broadheads on them as they will probably break fairly quickly or get lost.

Tenpoint Titan Xtreme Performance Overview

Due to it’s excellent power to size ratio and tremendous accuracy the Tenpoint Titan Xtreme is a real showstopper in the field, about the only way to improve it’s performance would be if it aimed for you, but then that would take away a lot of the fun away wouldn’t it? In all seriousness though 333 FPS is enough power for any practical game one might decide to hunt, and although the draw weight is a bit hefty at 180 pounds, the ACUdraw cocking system will cut that right in half which should be manageable for any user.

In terms of accuracy the Titan Xtreme is pretty much limited only by the skill of the shooter and the quality of arrows used, and can hit any realistic shot that one can take, even out to very extreme ranges although you’ll likely want to stick to 50 yards or lower for maximum efficiency.

The Titan’s maneuverability is also quite fantastic, with its slim design allowing easy movement in small spaces such as deer stands and blinds as well as areas of dense vegetation. At 7.3 lbs almost every shooter should be able to carry the Titan Xtreme around for long periods of time with minimal fatigue.


Pros & Cons

Tenpoint Titan Xtreme prosPros:
Performance – The Tenpoint Titan Xtreme boasts top level performance that will continue to satisfy long after many other crossbows will have quit.

Value – While it’s price tag is in the medium-high area, when you consider that you will likely have it for your entire hunting career and factor in it’s excellent performance and quality extras, the Titan Xtreme ends up being quite the steal.

Accessibility – One of the best aspects about the Titan is that it has several features that make it highly usable by novice hunters, much more so than other crossbows of it’s caliber.

No included cocking device – Unfortunately this package does not include a cocking device which is a just about required considering the Titan’s weighty draw, however the ACUdraw system is a worthy investment and works better than most rope cocking devices anyway.

Review overview

Velocity 8.1
Draw Weight 7.9
Energy 8
Power 8.1
Stroke 8.6
Price 8.7


8.2 tech score Overall the Tenpoint Titan Xtreme is a very well-rounded crossbow that performs on all counts, whether you own 100 crossbows or none this one is a excellent addition that you will enjoy for as long as you decide to keep it.


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