Parker Tomahawk Crossbow Review

Crossbow Type

Quad Limb Compound – The Tomahawk achieves it’s excellent power to size ratio with a very efficient quad limb compound system, which utilizes advanced split limb technology to allow for a large of amount of power to be generated by the limbs without sacrificing durability.

Parker Tomahawk Assembly

Parker has made assembling the Tomahawk as simple as possible by shipping it largely pre-assembled, one only needs to attach the prod to the front of the stock assembly, make sure everything is secure, and you are ready to begin sighting in the crossbow as the scope comes pre-mounted as well as partially zeroed.

All the tools required for assembly are included with the package, which are simply screws and an allen wrench, assembly time should only be about 15 minutes.

Parker Tomahawk Features

G2 Bull-pup Trigger – Parker’s proprietary trigger system that is included on many of their crossbows, and for good reason, this trigger system provides a light but crisp, smooth yet controlled pull which is sure to make every shooter from the beginner to the expert feel right at home putting bolts down range with the Tomahawk.

ADF (Anti Dry-fire) System – A staple on high performance crossbows, this system helps to prevent accidental dry-firing by automatically engaging the Tomahawk’s ambidextrous safety and not allowing it to be disabled until the crossbow is properly cocked and the string is secure. This is an excellent feature that greatly improves any crossbow’s safety rating and makes it much more accessible to less experienced crossbow users.

Quick-Detach 4 Arrow Quiver – A fairly basic detachable polymer quiver which attaches to the underside of the Tomahawk, and provides fast access to your bolts.

4 x Parker Carbon Bolts – The Tomahawk package includes four Parker brand carbon bolts, these bolts are certainly suitable for hunting but if you are looking for top notch performance you may want to upgrade them at some point, in any case however these bolts add a lot fo value to the package as a whole.

4 x 32mm Multi-Reticle Scope – The scope that is included with the Parker Tomahawk is very high quality and quite useful overall. While this scope is not illuminated it provides good visibility in most conditions. and is clear out to distances that you likely won’t even be taking shots at.

Parker Tomahawk Performance Overview

The Parker Tomahawk possesses all the attributes that make a crossbow good, it scores high marks in accuracy, power, comfort, and construction. The 160 lb draw weight and 320 FPS arrow speed provide more than enough power to take down nearly any game you set your sights on, while the great safety features and the fantastic G2 bull-pup trigger system gives the you maximum control over this power which is just as important.

Accuracy-wise the Tomahawk is definitely top notch, it is capable of reaching out to extremely long ranges with minimal accuracy decrease when compared to short range, kill shots at 60+ yards are not uncommon with this crossbow, and even inexperienced hunters should be able to easily extend their normal comfortable range while using the Tomahawk.


Pros & Cons

Value – The Tomahawk is priced very reasonably for a crossbow of it’s caliber, and is an excellent deal if your budget allows.

Performance – As mentioned above the Parker Tomahawk packs a lot of performance into a small package, and is without a doubt a top performer no matter how you look at it.

Portability – One of the most impressive things about the Tomahawk is that it is a very light, compact, and easy to handle crossbow even more so than other crossbow that tout their size as a major selling point and those crossbows don’t compare to the Tomahawk in terms of performance.

Safety – The Tomahawk sports many excellent safety features that make it as suitable for newer users as it is for experienced hunters.

No included cocking device – One important feature that was neglected in the Parker Tomahawk package was the inclusion of a rope cocking device, this is not a major con as cocking devices are very affordable, however it is worth mentioning.

Review overview

Velocity 10
Draw Weight 8.7
Energy 7.3
Power 5.4
Stroke 7
Price 9.4


8 tech score Overall the Parker Tomahawk is an top notch blind hunting crossbow, however it is versatile enough to be utilized in any fashion that one sees fit, and will put out high level performance in every practical hunting scenario you can think of.


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