Parker BushWacker 150 Crossbow Review

The Parker Bushwacker is the perfect crossbow to have some casual fun with, it isn’t very expensive so there won’t be as much stress about it getting damaged as there would be with a higher end crossbow but at the same time it boasts very respectable power and accuracy making it usable for any normal crossbow application outside of hunting very large game animals. The Bushwacker also has a very accessible design making it a great introductory crossbow for new users.

Draw Weight: 150 lbs
FPS: 285
Length x Width: 37”x 23 ¼”
Mass Weight: 7 lbs
Power Stroke: 11”
Arrow Length: 20”

Crossbow Type

Dual Limb Compound – This style of limb design provides a more accessible alternative to the more common quad limb design utilizing only two limbs as opposed to four, while this setup is generally much easier to cock and restring it also sacrifices power, though that won’t necessarily matter for novices or if you are hunting smaller sized game which this crossbow is ideal for.

Parker BushWacker 150 Assembly

Due to its simple and intuitive design the Parker Bushwacker is very simple to put together, Parker includes a set of detailed color instructions with the package, and also offers a set of assembly videos online that most users find very helpful there are also videos on how to setup the included scope. The cables and strings are pre setup so you only need to attach the bow to the stock then put the quiver and stirrup into their respective positions. Assembly shouldn’t take much more than 15 minutes even for inexperienced users.

Parker BushWacker 150 Features

3 x Magnification Multi reticle Scope – A very nice scope with the perfect amount of magnification for the Parker Bushwacker, it is very easy to sight in and most of the time it will arrive very nearly zeroed requiring only a small adjustment to get it perfect. The downside to this scope is that it isn’t illuminated, and while this isn’t much of an issue outside of low light environments you may want to upgrade later on, however this scope will likely satisfy most consumers for a while.

4 x 20” Parker Crossbow Bolts – This Bushwacker package comes with four parker brand crossbow bolts with field points, these bolts are of decent quality and are ready for hunting once you attach a broadhead.

4 Arrow Quick Detach Quiver – A durable polymer quiver that holds up to four bolts/arrows with broadheads.

Auto Safety/ Anti Dryfire – The Parker Bushwacker includes an auto safety feature which engages the safety whenever the crossbow is cocked and doesn’t allow the safety to be switched off until a bolt is properly loaded into the crossbow. This is a very welcome feature on any crossbow as it significantly increases the safety rating and reduces the chances of a dry fire which can damage your crossbow.

Parker BushWacker 150 Performance Overview

When it comes to actual hunting performance the Bushwacker is the ideal crossbow for small to mid- sized game, its lightweight and easy maneuverability allow you to take quick shots in relatively tight quarters that larger crossbows might prohibit access to. While the Parker Bushwacker isn’t the hardest hitting crossbow out there its power is certainly respectable especially when you consider its ease of use, however very large game may prove to be a challenge (though for some this isn’t a bad thing) unless shot multiple times or from very close ranges.

The Bushwacker’s accuracy is reliable inside its ideal range which is basically anything under 50 yards, inside this range you shouldn’t get much more than silver dollar sized deviations assuming everything is setup correctly and proper shooting mechanics are employed, though obviously results will vary with the skill of the shooter.


Pros & Cons

Parker BushWacker 150  prosPros:
Value – This crossbow delivers decent performance at a low price, in addition the package contains a nice set of accessories and features that you would only expect to see out of a much more expensive package. These things make the Parker Bushwacker 150 an excellent value no matter what you intend to use it for.

Usability – The Bushwacker’s small, lightweight frame in addition to the EZ draw technology make it a highly maneuverable fast reloading crossbow that will not hinder your shooting in thick brush or other confined spaces. The unique combination of technology and usability make the Bushwacker an excellent starter crossbow that is not too overwhelming but will prepare the user for more advanced crossbows they may use later on.

Quiet – One very important note about this crossbow is that it is much quieter than most crossbows, this is important because it makes it unlikely that your target will be able react to the noise and move out of the path of your shot, this is especially valuable on the Bushwacker because it is ideal for taking smaller animals that tend to be faster and generally harder to hit.

Parker BushWacker 150 consCons:
Limited Power – The main weakness of the Bushwacker is that it is less effective than most crossbows at taking down large game without getting very close, though this weakness can be circumvented to some degree with strategic aiming, and high quality broadheads.

Review overview

Velocity 8.4
Draw Weight 8.5
Energy 7.8
Power 8
Stroke 8.2
Price 9.1


8.3 tech score Overall the Bushwacker provides a fun and relatively cheap shooting experience for all audiences, it makes an excellent starter crossbow, or a designated small game crossbow for experienced hunters.


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