Mk 180 Crossbow Review

The Mk 180 is a nifty little crossbow that combines a lot of useful features together and fits them neatly into a compact and highly portable package. This crossbow has hunting class power and accuracy despite it’s small size and foldable design which is a very unique set of attributes that one would not expect from a crossbow of this size not to mention its budget pricing. The small size, respectable power, useful accessories, low price, and easy to use design also make the Mk 180 an ideal starter crossbow package particularly for children or smaller individuals. We’ll go over the full details of this great crossbow in the following review.

Draw Weight: 130 lbs
FPS: 220
Mass Weight: 5.43 lbs
Power Stroke: 10”
Size: 31”x 29” (Length x Width)
Arrow Length: 14”

Crossbow Type


Recurve – The Mk 180 utilizes a recurve design in order to maximize usability and also to accommodate the folding functionality which would almost certainly be hindered or perhaps not even possible with a compound crossbow wheel system, not to mention this design is a lot less intimidating to novices in addition to requiring less maintenance.


Putting the Mk 180 together is a very simple task which involves only attaching the pre strung prod to the body of the crossbow using the tools provided, instructions are included though they probably won’t even be needed and assembly should take no more than 15 minutes.


4×20 Scope – Though the Mk 180 has built in sights that are adequate for close range shooting of stationary targets, this scope which is included in all Mk 180 packages is better for farther distances (20+ yards), and for hunting situations. It has two color options for the dot sight, red or green as well as ten brightness levels.

Automatic Safety – Another unexpected but very welcome feature that the Mk 180 sports is an automatic safety system that engages whenever the crossbow is cocked, this feature significantly ups the safety rating of the crossbow by lessening the chances of a misfire in addition to giving it even more merit as a beginner crossbow because it will help the user adjust to disengaging the safety before each shot a habit which is required when using higher end crossbows.

8 x 14”Aluminum arrows – Also included in this package are 8 aluminum bolts which are not the highest of quality but are suitable for sighting in the crossbow and general target practice, though you will most certainly want to purchase a few higher quality bolts if you intend on hunting with the Mk 180.

Performance Overview

When it comes to actual field performance the Mk 180 punches significantly above its weight class with a healthy 150 lbs of draw weight that can generate 220 FPS arrows which will put a hurt on just about any game you come across, that being said however the Mk 180 is ideal for small to medium sized game that are more likely to succumb to the damage in a timely manner, larger prey can be taken but you may have to deliver multiple shots or end up tracking it for an extended period. In terms of accuracy the Mk 180 delivers very consistent shots within its optimal range (about 40-50 yards).

Its biggest strength is its maneuverability its unlikely that you’ll ever feel hindered by this crossbow in even the most cramped of environments and the foldable function can allow you to carry it in addition to another crossbow which could allow to take a quick follow up shot to guarantee a takedown, or hunt a variety of game during a single trip.

Pros & Cons

Price – The Mk 180 is one of the most affordable crossbows on the market currently, the list price would be fair even if you were only getting the crossbow alone but when you factor in the quality extras and features that come standard with the package you get a deal that’s hard to beat.

Performance – This crossbow delivers power and speed that far exceeds what would be expected from a crossbow in its price range.

Ease of use – Thought was obviously put into the Mk 180’s design as it is very accessible to all users while still maintaining all standard crossbow functions.

Portability – Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this crossbow is the fact that it can deliver quality performance while at the same time being very portable even when compared to similar crossbows of this size.

Upgrades needed – Though the build quality of the Mk 180 is solid, in order to get the most out of it you will likely want to do some upgrading, namely to the string, bolts, and purchasing a rope cocker.

Review overview

Velocity 8.5
Draw Weight 7.5
Energy 9
Power 9.1
Stroke 8.8
Price 9.1


8.7 tech score Overall the Mk 180 is small but deadly in addition to being easy to use, very portable, fast on the reload especially when using a rope cocker and all of this is in a small highly affordable package that comes with a host of useful accessories and features.


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