List of the Top Crossbow Manufacturers

These are among our list of the top crossbow manufacturers in the world. They build a variety of products ranging from the entry level shooters to the top end elite x-bows.

Barnett Crossbows

Barnett Crossbows is one of the top crossbow manufactures in the market. It ranks among the leader sellers in the world as it offers a wide range of items spread out across the entry, mid-range and top end lines. It has a number of products in the $300 to $400 range which rank among the most popular choices for hunters because of their high speeds. While they offer recurve, compound and reverse draw versions, their top performers are the compound crossbows, majority of which shoot over 300 FPS with a few notable ones like their Ghost lineup, including the Ghost 410 and 400 models, having velocities over 400 FPS.

Their affordable models include the Panzer V and very popular Barnett Jackal. Many of their bow feature new technology including those fitted with carbon risers that improve front to rear balance.

Excalibur Crossbows

Excalibur crossbows are built by hunters for hunters. Established in 1983, they are one of the leading brands when quality and durability are concerned. The brand specializes in recurve crossbows which are made to for hunting.

They even have a saying telling you that the products they build are made to shoot groups of at least 3 inches or less at 25 yards with broadheads.

While most of their products run from $600 to right about $1000, they do offer some $400+ models like the Excalibur Axiom and Ibex SMF. These are excellent for simplicity of maintenance, operation and will let you hunt with the best of them.

Horton Archery

Horton was one of the top names in the crossbow world because it offered excellent products. In its earlier years it was one of the top manufacturers which is why we still include it here. Over recent years it had more production issues and by mid-2013 it had to close its doors.

Horton Archery’s assets were purchased by cross-state rival TenPoint whose CEO Rick Bednar at the time of TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ purchase of Horton used to be Horton’s CEO. TenPoint has mentioned it plans to relaunch the Horton name in the future.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

The TenPoint brand is among the leading crossbow manufacturers in the United States. It is among the leaders when it comes to crossbow innovation and is responsible for some of the most useful features found in x-bows today including the ACUDraw cocking and cranking system. Its bows are also fitted with built in anti dry-fire mechanisms called DFI or dry fire inhibitors which safeguard the shooter from damaging their crossbows because it won’t let you fire if there isn’t an arrow seated on the rail.

Known for high quality, high performance TenPoint’s products are also high in cost which is one reason they aren’t as well sold as those of Barnett and some other names. In terms of build, shooting accuracy and overall ability, if you can afford their price tag, there aren’t many around that work as well and come with a lifetime warranty.

Wicked Ridge Crossbows

The Wicked Ridge brand was launched in as TenPoint’s answer to the more affordable middle market. It launched in early 2011 and is well known as a producer of very reliable crossbows. Many will tell you that they are a great alternative to the Excaliburs and TenPoints if your tight on budget.

Their product line, while still limited, has shown to be excellent in terms of reliability and performance and often come with a number of TenPoint features or similar ones with them. As of this writing, two of their three products, the Warrior HL and Invader HP are priced under $500, while the Raider CLS runs around $700.

Parker Bows

Parker Compound Bows Inc. is an example of a company that used its knowledge in the industry to expand to other products. Founded by Bob Errett in 1984, he continues to run the company today. Errett learned his craft from the legendary Fred Bear as his employee before deciding to branch out on his own.

While the company started out with a different name and focus, it has had a number of transformations over its lifetime, shifting from its initial role as a general archery supplier, to a compound bow builder then adding crossbows to its lineup.

Our Leading Crossbow Manufacturers List

Over time, we will continue to add more names to our list of the top crossbow manufacturer as there are many around and new ones that are rising.


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