How to Choose the Best Crossbow -2

Trying to find the right crossbow can be a time consuming task as no one wants to part with their hard earned money unless they are absolutely sure they are getting exactly what they want. In this crusader article we are going to go over the most important aspects of a crossbow and how to determine whether or not they are correct for your needs.

The primary factors that determine what a crossbow is best used for are the draw weight and FPS (feet per second). If buying a crossbow for a child or someone with a smaller build it would probably be best to purchase a crossbow with a draw weight on the lower end of the spectrum such as the Barnett Jackal or perhaps a pistol crossbow. However if you are a serious hunter you would obviously want something that packs a large punch like the Barnett Ghost 350 to allow you to consistently take down game.

Draw weight tends to directly affect FPS, however there are some exceptions where a crossbow with a low(er) draw weight may have a greater or similar FPS to one with a significantly higher draw weight, factors that may lead to this are different bolt sizes, and the build qualities of the crossbows themselves.

The next thing you’ll probably want to look at when deciding on a crossbow is the type of the crossbow which generally means either compound or recurve, both have advantages and disadvantages and are better suited to different tasks. Recurve crossbow tend to be easier to handle and faster on the reload making them more ideal for beginners or those who primarily use their crossbow for target shooting. Compound bows tend to be much more powerful but usually require some sort of aid to cock them and can be confusing to newbies or children. In short recurve crossbows are ideal for small game or target shooting, while compound bows are usually a better bet for normal hunting conditions.

Once you have narrowed the field by comparing the draw weights, FPS, and decided on which crossbow type you would like, the final thing you want to look at is the value of the crossbow to be more specific this means things such as making sure none of the crossbows you are considering have any glaring or overly prevalent defects in their designs.

Also you want to see what sort of technology is included in the crossbow such as the grip, the material it is constructed with, and any proprietary technologies the manufacturer may have included. Speaking of the manufacturer you want to make sure that the crossbow is backed by a decent customer service program as even the most well reviewed products have duds and defects, so you want to be absolutely sure you can get help if any such problem arises


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