Horton Team Realtree Ultra-Lite Crossbow Review

Horton has really created something special with the  Horton Team Realtree Ultra-lite, it combines modern technology, clever and efficient design, as well as a bit of unique style to create a very solid mid-priced crossbow that rivals heavy hitters such as the Barnett Ghost 410 and Excalibur Axiom. The Team Realtree provides everything you could want/need in a crossbow and is definitely one of the best crossbows on the market currently, but we will thoroughly go over the in and outs of this package so that you can decide whether it is right for you.

Draw Weight: 175 lb
FPS: 330

Weight: 6.5 lbs
Length: 37.375 inches
Width: 17.75 inches axle to axle (loaded)
Powerstroke: 12.75 inches
Arrow Length: 20 inches
Kinetic Energy: 103 ft/lbs


Crossbow Type

Quad Limb Compound – As with most high end crossbows the Realtree Ultra-Lite uses a quad limb design, this setup allows for a large amount of energy to be stored in the crossbow’s limbs , energy which is transferred to the bolt when the crossbow is fired resulting in the Ultra-Lite’s high arrow speeds. This crossbow has a fairly unique limb design that results in it having a relatively small profile when cocked, this is accomplished by having the limbs wrap back towards the shooter more so than most crossbows do, and although it might seem as though this would increase the risk of breakages Horton has employed some very strategic reinforcements to ensure that this isn’t the case.


The assembly for this crossbow was made as simple as it could possibly be and due to the highly detailed instructions you should have little to no trouble even if you are inexperienced at crossbow assembly. The riser comes preassembled so you only need to connect to the stock and then attach the stirrup, scope, and quiver mount. Assembly should take about 15–20 minutes.


Adjustable Forearm/Buttplate – A very important but often overlooked aspect on many crossbows, even on higher end models is comfort features, the Horton Team Ultra-Lite sets itself apart by not only including two great comfort features, but also making them customizable allowing you to tune the crossbow to the best fit for you.

SIMS NAVCOM Sound Stoppers – Another VERY attractive feature included in this package is the inclusion of this anti-vibration system, not only does this feature add great value to the package as whole but it is also extremely effective at quieting the crossbow itself making each shot almost silent, definitely a great extra.

Anti-Dry Fire System with Ambidextrous Safety – Rounding out the technology on the Horton Ultra-Lite is a ADF system, this system of course prevents dry fires by engaging the safety when the crossbow is cocked and not allowing the safety to be disengaged until an arrow is properly loaded into place at which point the safety can be switched off from either side.

4×32 Mult-a-Range scope – This scope is very solid and is overall a nice compliment to the Horton Ultra-Lite, it provides a clear line of sight to targets and holds zero very well after being sighted in, overall definitely a great performance scope that adds a lot of value to this package.

Hunter Elite three-arrow quiver – A detachable and very durable three arrow quiver that attaches to the bottom side of the Horton Ultra-Lite.

3 x 20” Aluminum Arrows – Also included in this package are three high quality aluminum arrows, these arrows are actually hunt quality unlike most aluminum arrows that are given as extras and provide decent speed and accuracy, and while we would recommend using carbon arrows these will certainly do the trick with the right broadhead attached.

Performance Overview

The Horton Team Realtree Ultra-Lite is an ideal hunting crossbow, it provides a superb balance of power, accuracy, and comfort that makes it a joy to use. 330 FPS is enough to take down virtually any legal game you could set your eyes on in North America with a good amount of ease even at very long ranges, though Ultra-Lite’s power is quite impressive it would mean nothing if it wasn’t accurate, luckily that isn’t an issue at all as this crossbow’s accuracy is absolutely top notch with some practice you should have no trouble hitting targets dead on at 60+ yards.

Perhaps even more impressive than the power and accuracy of this crossbow is its comfort level, first of all it is very light (6.5 lbs) much lighter than most crossbows on the market so carrying it for long periods of time is not much of a chore, it is also quite compact which is good as maneuvering a bulky crossbow in tight spaces is not fun for anyone.

Overall the Horton Team Realtree Ultra-Lite is an excellent crossbow that is great in every way that you need a crossbow to be excellent, it is very accessible to beginner and expert alike and you can count on it to deliver solid performance time and time again.

Pros & Cons


Performance – As mentioned earlier this crossbow hits hard, fast, and accurately and leaves little to be desired when it comes to taking down.

Features – The myriad features that are included in the Ultra-Lite package in addition to their quality is very impressive and solidifies this crossbow as an excellent value.

Comfort – This is one of the most comfortable crossbows on the market period even amongst very high end models, it also has some unique comfort features that aren’t found anywhere else.

No cocking device – Unfortunately this package does not include a rope cocking device as of now and one is definitely needed with how high the draw weight is. Luckily rope cocking devices are inexpensive .


Review overview

Velocity 7.2
Draw Weight 8.7
Energy 8.5
Power 8.3
Stroke 8.8
Price 8.2


8.3 tech score For those who want a balance of speed, accuracy at the $500 or so price range, the Barnett Ghost is something to take a serious look at. Reaching 350 FPS velocities, it packs a lot of power and is very well balanced.


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