Excalibur Eclipse XT Crossbow Review

The Excalibur Eclipse XT is an example of a specialized crossbow done correctly; it was made for hunters who prefer to shoot from blinds particularly ground blinds, and every aspect and feature on the Eclipse XT was added with this purpose in mind; from the all black carbon fiber finish to the streamlined simple body design, the Eclipse XT was crafted to allow you to take that shot that you waited hours for and be sure that it will count. As you might expect from a niche crossbow the Eclipse XT has a few quirks that you’ll want to know about before you decide if it is the best crossbow for you.

Velocity: 330 FPS
Draw Weight: 200 lbs
Power Stroke: 15.5″
Mass Weight: 6.3 lbs
Overall Length: 37.4″
Arrow Length: 20″
Arrow Weight: 350 Grains

Crossbow Type

Recurve – As with many of Excalibur’s high quality crossbows the Eclipse XT is a recurve type, this allows for a relatively fast reload speed and gives you the ability to easily change your string in the field which is especially useful to blind hunters who are going to want to stay in place for as long as they can to maximize the odds of ambushing game.

Excalibur Eclipse XT Assembly

Assembling the Eclipse XT is very simple as the bow comes pre-strung so all you have to do is attach the bow to the riser, connect the additional rails, and mount the scope which is also easy to sight in. All required tools are included in the package and assembly should only take about 15 minutes.

Excalibur Eclipse XT Features

Excalibur S5 Sound Dampening System – An Excalibur exclusive vibration reduction system that normally has to be brought separately but is included in the Eclipse XT package, this adds an large amount of value to this package as this system is very effective at reducing noise output and is about $40 is purchased by itself.

Shadow Zone Scope – This scope is 4 x 32mm and illuminated, it is specifically designed for Excalibur crossbows and as such works perfectly with the Eclipse XT. It is easy to sight in and will likely arrive pretty close to zeroed in, in addition it holds its setting very well even if it is moved frequently.

4 X 20” Firebolt Arrows – These arrows are a staple extra in many of Excalibur’s crossbow packages, these arrows come with target points attached and are hunt quality.

Rope Cocking Device – A very welcome addition to the Excalibur Eclipse XT package is this rope cocking device, it is easy to use and is necessary due to the crossbow’s large draw weight, it is an accessory that would have to be purchased one way or another and the fact that it is included in the package adds direct value.

Detachable Four Bolt Quiver – A standard four bolt quiver made from a sturdy composite and is made to allow it to be easily detachable for adaptability and convenience.

Excalibur Eclipse XT Performance Overview

The Excalibur Eclipse XT packs a huge punch despite its light weight, it packs more than enough power to take down the largest legal game animals you will come across without a doubt and this is good news for the blind hunters that the Eclipse was designed for as they will likely be waiting hours for the right opportunity to present itself and will want the ability to capitalize on it effectively. The Eclipse performance is very reliable as it combines top notch power with trademark Excalibur accuracy in addition to a simplified design which makes it easy to handle.


Pros & Cons


Excalibur Eclipse XT prosPros:
Performance – The Excalibur Eclipse XT is a very efficient hunting tool that performs well in any situation but excels when hunting from a blind, a niche in which it has very little competition. It boasts top level power, arrow speed, and accuracy that make it very difficult to fail while using this crossbow regardless of skill level.

Convenience – This crossbow has a very streamlined and optimized design, starting with the fact that it is a recurve crossbow which allows for the changing of strings in the field a detail that could mean the difference between wasting a lot of time or bagging an impressive piece of game. In addition the Eclipse XT has a very light weight an low profile frame that allows it to be easily maneuvered in any situation.

Value – Despite its relatively high cost the Eclipse XT actually delivers great value as it is capable of performance that is almost unmatched at it’s price point, in addition the standard Eclipse XT package comes with several very useful and high quality extras.

Style – Another major talking point on the Excalibur Eclipse XT is its unique black carbon fiber finish that is as stylish as it is practical. This finish is a nice alternative to the usual camo patterns that cover many modern crossbows as it provides a much different look without sacrificing any stealth, in fact this design is probably more stealthy than those other designs when used from a blind.

Excalibur Eclipse XT consCons:
Front Heavy – It seems to be a general consensus that the Eclipse XT is a bit unbalanced towards the front end which makes it a bit awkward to use at first but most users will quickly adjust to it and this quirk is negligible when hunting from a blind as the crossbow will likely be resting on something.

Review overview

Velocity 9
Draw Weight 9
Energy 9
Power 9.1
Sound 7.5
Price 9.1


8.8 tech score the Excalibur Eclipse XT provides the optimal blind hunting experience by giving you everything you will need to easily take down any game that wanders into your (quite large) kill radius.


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