Whether you want them to or not, little boys (and sometimes even little girls) are going to be interested in weapons and violence. For some reason it just happens to be in our nature to enjoy particularly violent activities. When your child starts to build guns out of his lego sets or wants to run around playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians with his play mates outside it might be time to sit them down and talk to them about getting into archery.

Archery is a time honored martial arts practice that is fun to participate in and it will also aid in the patience building and concentration building processes for your child. If you start your children out early by channeling that new interest for violence into something positive they will be better off in their adult lives. It is important to catch negative behaviors early and turn them into positive behaviors, that way they will use their time wisely and learn new skills rather than frivolously wasting their childhood out there playing make believe.

Get Started Right Away: Enroll them in an Archery Class

Archery isn’t one of those hobbies that flourish everywhere. It can often be hard to find a decent training school with good instructors who are not only capable of wielding the bow effectively but also able to keep your child motivated, having fun, and learning. Even though there aren’t many archery schools out there you will still be able to find some in your area by either searching online or looking them up in your yellow pages.

Buy a Youth Archery Kit

If you’re not willing to commit to putting your child into a martial arts weapons training course like archery lessons you might want to just consider purchasing a youth archery kit for them to fiddle around with on their own. You can find some nice and safe archery kits online and at sporting goods stores.

My first archery set was one of those suction cup bow and arrows with a slick plastic targeting pad. The bow was small enough for me to wield as a little kid and the arrows wouldn’t hurt anyone if I accidentally (or purposefully) shot them at my friends or at my brother. If your child is really young you should think about getting them one of those or maybe even a Nerf bow and arrow set. Just get them playing around with the toys first before you give them sharp projectiles.

Get Them Involved

If you find that they take a real interest in archery you can then go ahead and enroll them in a class. The great thing about classes is that not only will your child be able to practice with real weapons but they will also have access to the course shooting range. When I first took an archery course I was able to head out onto the practice range and shoot at targets with a compact bow. It was a lot of fun stalking around in the wilderness firing at those models of deer with the red target paint on them.


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