Barnett RC150 Crossbow Review

In the niche of budget priced yet still effective crossbows, the Barnett RC 150 stands out from the crowd by being a quad limb crossbow that is lightweight, relatively easy to cock, and overall a very accessible crossbow that is perfect for shooters of all skill levels. While the RC 150 isn’t exactly a powerhouse, having a maximum arrow velocity of only 260 FPS it is still capable of taking smaller sized game without much difficulty in addition to being great for target shooting. These attributes make the RC 150 a perfect crossbow for anyone who likes small game hunting or for the beginner who doesn’t want to spend much money to get into the world of crossbows.

Draw Weight: 150 lbs
Kinetic Energy: 60 ft/lbs
Power Stroke: 9.5″
FPS: 260
Mass Weight: 5.7 lbs
Length: 33.5″
Width: 25.5″
Arrow Lgth./Grain: 18″/376

Crossbow Type

Quad Limb Compound – Suprisingly the RC 150 utilizes a quad limb compound design which is not normally found on crossbows in its price range, however the build quality of the system is of a very good quality and even requires less maintenance than most quad limb systems. The wheels are Barnett’s patented “Veloci-Speed” wheels which deliver a smooth and efficient shot despite the minimalist design.

Barnett RC150 Assembly

The process of putting together the Barnett RC 150 is about as easy as it gets in spite of its quad limb design, you only need to attach the pre-assembled bow to the riser and then put on the scope, quiver, and stock extension and you’ll be ready to shoot. The package includes detailed instructions although you probably will not need them. Assembly will likely take no more than 15 minutes.

Barnett RC150 Features

Adjustable stock – The RC 150 has a fairly unique feature, an adjustable stock which allows one to make the crossbow’s stock slightly longer to accommodate larger shooters or even more compact for use by a child or for easier transport. This addition greatly increases the usability of the RC 150 by making it suitable for a variety of different shooters in a variety of different situations.

Standard Red Dot Sight – This crossbow package ships with a standard red dot sight, unfortunately the opinion of this sight are overwhelmingly negative and while it will most likely be suitable for beginners or for casual backyard shooting, if you intend on using the RC 150 for hunting we highly recommend purchasing an upgrade such as the BSA 30mm Red Dot Scope.

4 x 18”Aluminum Bolts – The RC 150 also comes with 4 aluminum arrows of average quality, these arrows are excellent for target shooting and getting used to the crossbow, but like the included scope an upgrade for hunting is definitely recommended.

3 Bolt Quiver – Also included in the package is a durable quiver that attaches to the bottom of the crossbow, it is not a quick detach design, however the RC 150’s profile is so small it is unlikely that this will get in the way at all.

Barnett RC150 Performance Overview

The Barnett RC 150 isn’t the strongest crossbow out there with 260 FPS, however it is excellent for taking down small game on which accuracy matters more than power. That isn’t to say that the RC 150 can’t take down decent sized game you will just have to get closer than you would with a more powerful crossbow (ideally within 40 yards), luckily the super lightweight and compact design is perfect for doing just that as it is very easy to maneuver even in very cramped conditions.

Speaking on the RC 150’s accuracy, it is quite accurate even with the stock scope which is less than stellar, however with an upgraded sight of good quality even a fairly inexperienced shooter can get 2 inch groupings at 50 yards which is quite decent especially considering that distance is on the edge of the RC 150’s optimal range.


Pros & Cons


Price – The most immediately attractive aspect of the Barnett RC 150 is the price, there are crossbows a hundred dollars more expensive that don’t offer what this one does, so no matter how you look at it this crossbow is a great value.

Usability – What makes a lot of users fall in love with the RC 150 is how intuitive it is to use, it is compact but can be adjusted to fit larger shooters, it is very comfortable to hold, easy to fire, low maintenance, and can even be cocker by hand ( rope cocker still recommended). These aspects make it a perfect crossbow for beginners or for children to learn on.

Support – The RC 150 comes with a 1 year warranty as standard, and is backed by Barnett’s great customer service.

Subpar Extras – While the RC 150 itself is of very good build quality, it’s budget price shows in the quality of the included extras namely the scope and bolts. However these are regularly upgraded accessories anyway, and due to the low price of the RC 150 you can upgrade these things and still get a very good deal.

Lacks Power – Capable of only 260 FPS the RC 150 does not pack the punch that some hunters may want out of a crossbow, but it is far from useless however one may have to get creative if they intend to hunt standard game with it.

Review overview

Velocity 9
Draw Weight 9.4
Energy 6.6
Power 7.7
Stroke 8.2
Price 9.1


8.3 tech score Overall the Barnett RC 150 is cheap, very easy to use, but good quality crossbow that makes a great starter for anyone that has wanted to try crossbows but didn’t know where to start, or for anyone looking to hunt small game without obliterating it.


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