Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review

The Barnett Jackal crossbow combines power, reliability, and efficiency with quality accessories in a sleek lightweight package that gives an amazing value to hunters looking for an affordable but effective weapon. In addition the Barnett Jackal is relatively easy to use despite its powerful compound design making it a good starter or practice hunting crossbow. Below is a little more information to help you decide if this is the crossbow for you….


Velocity: 315 feet per second
Draw weight: 150 pounds
Energy: 95 foot pounds
Power stroke: 12 inches
Arrow length: 20 inches
Dimensions: 35.5 x 26.5 inches (LengthxWidth)
Weight:7.7 pounds

Crossbow type


Quad limb compound: The Barnett jackal utilizes a quad limb assembly system, meaning that the bow actually uses 4 individual limbs to fire a bolt, this system also uses high energy wheels and a synthetic fiber string in addition to a very efficient design to generate a very impressive amount of energy which is smoothly transferred to the bolt resulting in the crossbow’s high fire velocity and penetration capabilities.

Barnett Jackal Assembly


Many customers report a very simple assembly process despite the compound design which have a tendency to confuse those unfamiliar with them. Assembly time is generally be under 15 minutes, but be sure to read the instructions thoroughly!

Barnett Jackal Features


Foot stirrup – This is a handy addition as it makes this crossbow significantly easier and faster to cock minimizing time between shots which is be critical in a hunting scenario.

Bolt retainer – A durable and detachable three bolt quiver designed to further reduce reload times.

ADF MIM trigger mechanism – Barnett’s unique trigger system which gives the crossbow a very easy 3.5 pound trigger pull despite its high power output.

High-definition camouflage – Provides optimal Stealth in a forest setting

Divided Foregrip – Allows for a comfortable grip and easy handling of the crossbow for hands of almost any size.

Synthetic Cable System – Gives the smoothest possible release to maximize bolt velocity and ensures that you’ll get hundreds of shots from the crossbow before having to change strings.

Picatinny/Weaver rail – Allows for a large variety of additional accessories such as scopes and sights to be attached quickly and easily.

4 x 32 mm Red Dot Sight – An unexpectedly good red dot sight which rounds out the amazing value of this crossbow package, it gives users the option of a red or green dot with 5 brightness settings for each one

Three 20” Fiberglass bolts – Allows you to zero your chosen sight or scope without damaging your more expensive hunting bolts, or for beginner crossbowmen and women gives you some decent starter bolts to practice with.

Barnett Jackal Performance Overview


The Barnett Jackal, like the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury has excellent value for its price point, with power and accuracy to rank with high end models, in fact users report power that is completely beyond their expectations citing that bolts fired from this crossbow completely obliterate or pass through cheaper targets, and have very high stopping ability capable of easily taking down all but the largest and most resilient game.

It should be noted however that this crossbow due its quad limb compound design and high power can be difficult to cock and potentially dangerous to inexperienced users and as such is not recommended for use by novices or children without supervision.

Pros & Cons


Price – The Jackal’s very competitive pricing is probably its biggest draw.

Ease of use – Despite its solid performance, the Jackal is quite easy to assemble and handle even for those with not much experience with crossbows.

Performance – The Jackal absolutely shines with excellent power, accuracy and a buttery smooth release.

Barnett Customer Service – This one is not about the crossbow itself, but about Barnett’s exemplary customer service. Many customers have reported that Barnett offers quality support for any concerns that                           they might have with a Barnett product.


Unfortunately the Barnett Jackal does not come packaged with a cocking device, an accessory which is almost required as it is difficult to cock many times without one’s hands getting sore, however cocking devices are generally inexpensive and easy to find.

Review overview

Velocity 8.4
Draw Weight 8.5
Energy 7.8
Power 0.2
Stroke 9.1
Price 9.3


7.2 tech score  Barnett Jackal is absolutely perfect for the budget conscious hunter who isnt quite ready to drop big bucks for a high end crossbow but still needs the ability to reliably take down game.


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