Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package Review

The Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow falls under Barnett’s line of top performing crossbows. It is built with a lightweight carbon front end and produces power that let’s you have the choice of game you want to hunt.

Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package Top Features

Built in the United States, the Ghost 350 has a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. It measures 36 inches long and has limbs that come across 24 inches wide in total. At 7.6 pounds it is an average weighing bow.

Construction and Build

In this model, Barnett uses its Carbon Riser Technology (CRT) which uses lighter but stronger carbon material for its risers. The main purpose of the CRT is not only make the riser more durable but to shift the balance of the crossbow which is traditionally in the front. This makes the weapon easier to hold and keep steady since the center of gravity is moved back closer to where you’re gripping the forearm.

The Ghost 350 comes with a pistol grip making it more natural for anyone to hold and control. It also leverages what it calls CrossWire strings and Whiplash Cams such that it is able to produce fast arrow firing velocities despite a small body and shorter 12 inch power stroke.

It has an anti-dry fire system that automatically engages safety when the the weapon is being cocked. And while this feature is handy a very good safety tip to remember is never rely on the safety. If you have that mindset you’ll always be wary of where the weapon is pointed, not leave it cocked and be more careful with it. Also keep in mind these safeties are mechanical and like all mechanical components they can fail, and which such a dangerous weapon you shouldn’t risk that.

Included in the set are three 20” arrows with field tips. The quiver and rope assistance device are also part of the package along with a basic 3x32mm red and green illuminated multi-reticle scope.

One of the things you’ll also notice is it doesn’t have a foot stirrup that protrudes in front as with many crossbows. That’s because they’ve integrated the stirrup into the design of the limbs, calling it a shoot through stirrup.

Barnett Ghost 350 Crossbow – Accuracy and Performance

While the Ghost is pretty to look at with a lean design and camo pattern, it is on the performance end that it stands out. The 175 pound draw weight translates to a powerful 116 ft. lbs. of energy (FPE) making it one of only a handful in the $500 range to deliver impact forces over the 100 FPE level. What this means for the prey is pain.

The cam mechanism design is efficient and when combined with the high draw weight produces initial firing velocities of 350 feet per second. Yes, that’s why it’s labeled Ghost 350. In hunting, the fast speed means you don’t give the animal any time to duck or react from the sound of your weapon. It also means that gravity is less of an issue so it has less of an affect the trajectory and flight of the arrow, resulting in more accurate hits.

Hunting at extended distances of 45 to 55 yards still puts down deer. This makes it even more deadly in the usual 20 to 30 yard hunting range. The speed of the Ghost 350 makes it a lot easier to hit the desired kill zone. It is fit for hunting the largest game. As you’d expect, when target shooting, be ready to reinforce the back of your targets since this puts arrows through targets easily.

To counter the noise created by the high powered firing of the string, Barnett uses its own limb technology called the Anti-Vibration Isolation (AVi), that reduces noise vibration significantly. It does still produce quite a bit of noise though compared to other less powerful models. Newer versions like the Ghost 400 and Ghost 410 come with sound suppressors that bring down the noise level more.

Barnett uses its standard 3.5 pound trigger pull which it uses for most of its new crossbows except for a few. The trigger is just right, it doesn’t have slack or creep and has a nice feel. For most archers, the 3.5 pound pull weight seems to be the best amount of resistance as it gives you that balance between a slight trigger and one that’s heavy.

Upon firing, this crossbow does give you a bit of a push back, but it isn’t much in terms of recoil for such a strong weapon. There isn’t any jerking motion which definitely helps in terms of accuracy.


Review overview

Velocity 7.2
Draw Weight 8.7
Energy 8.5
Power 8.3
Stroke 8.8
Price 8.2


8.3 tech score For those who want a balance of speed, accuracy at the $500 or so price range, the Barnett Ghost is something to take a serious look at. Reaching 350 FPS velocities, it packs a lot of power and is very well balanced.


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