Barnett Ghost 350 Crossbow Review

The Barnett Ghost 350 brings together several innovative technologies to deliver a very unique crossbow package that offers a great transitional option for seasoned rifle hunters looking to switch or expand to the wonderful world of crossbows, I will go over the intricacies and included technology of the Barnett Ghost 350 below.

175-pound draw weight
116-foot-pounds of energy
12-inch power stroke
350-feet-per-second (FPS) firing velocity
20-inch arrow length
Measures 24 by 37 inches (W x D)
7.6-pound weight

Crossbow Type

Quad limb compound – A standard for higher end crossbows, this type of system essentially fuses together four individual bow limbs together to achieve a higher level of power than what would otherwise be possible with a recurve crossbow which would typically utilize only one limb.

Barnett Ghost 350 Assembly

As with most Barnett crossbows the assembly process has been simplified to the point that it should take less than 20 minutes with all in-box. All necessary tools included.

Barnett Ghost 350 Features


Carbon Riser Technology (CRT) – An impressive feature that debuted on the Barnett Ghost 350, this tech allows this Ghost 350 to achieve its minimal 7.5 lb weight while still retaining all the strength you would expect from a crossbow of this caliber and allowing it to fully withstand the rigors of hunting while providing a comfortable user experience.

Crosswire Strings – A contributing factor in the Ghost 350’s low noise levels and smooth release, these strings combine Barnett’s unique and well tested blend of fibers and some of the strongest serving materials to contribute speed, strength, durability, and performance to the Ghost 350.

Whiplash Cams – Another great bit of technology that this crossbow boasts are the ultra smooth whiplash cams which are inertia driven and ride on a sealed bearing system allowing for a very efficient release and by extension more power and speed. The smooth action of the cams also reduces noise levels significantly.

Anti-Dry Fire Trigger – A safety mechanism which helps to prevents injuries and damage to the Ghost 350 itself from the hefty 175 lb draw weight, this feature automatically engages the safety on the crossbow whenever it is cocked. Though this is overall a nice feature to have, it does give the Ghost 350 a relatively high amount of time between shots.

Rope Cocker – Due to the heavy draw weight that this crossbow brings to the table this accessory is a must, and it was smart of Barnett to include it with the Ghost 350 as that increases the value of this crossbow. This cocker will reduce the draw weight to 87.5 pounds.

3 Bolt Quiver – Standard quiver that holds 3 bolts and connects underneath the bow.

Barnett Ghost 350 Performance Overview

The Barnett Ghost 350 is a truly powerful hunting tool boasting 116 foot pounds of energy, this coupled with its smooth firing rig can propel bolts up to 350 feet per second. While that kind of speed is impressive in and of itself, what truly makes the Ghost 350 shine however is the fact that it can produce this kind of power while still remaining relatively quiet due to the crosswire strings and whiplash cams.

Pros & Cons


Barnett Ghost 350 prosPros:
Power– The Ghost 350 provides more than enough punch to take down any size of standard game you may be stalking.

Accuracy– Hitting your targets quickly and consistently shouldn’t be any problem with this crossbow’s spot on precision.

Comfort – A relatively light trigger pull, vibration reduction technology, and a very smooth release make the Barnett Ghost 350 a pleasure to shoot.

Barnett Ghost 350 consCons:
Reload Speed – The only outstanding issue that is reported about the Ghost 350 is a relatively sluggish reload due mostly to its high draw weight which even when used with a cocking aid (thankfully included in most packages) is still over 87 pounds. The Ghost 350’s accuracy and power should minimize the amount of reloads that one will need however.

Review overview

Velocity 9.2
Draw Weight 9.2
Energy 9.1
Power 8
Stroke 8.2
Price 9.1


8.8 tech score In addition to power the Barnett Ghost 350 has very competitive accuracy thanks in no small part to Barnett’s vibration reduction technology which significantly smooths the trigger pull. The CRT also contributes to the accuracy of the crossbow, placing the bulk of the weight near the stock in order to make it easier to fire. Customers have reported splitting bolts out to 50 yards.


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