Arrow Precision Inferno Hellfire II Crossbow Review

Perfect for the beginner who wants to get into crossbow hunting, but is afraid of being overwhelmed by the complexity that many crossbows present, the Arrow Precision Inferno Hellfire II represents a happy medium between field performance and user friendliness by offering a quad limb design that is much easier to cock and handle than most crossbows that use this style. While it is not difficult to control, the Hellfire II still provides a significant amount of power with its 185 lb draw weight which is enough to take down a deal of common game that you might encounter.


Draw Weight: 185 lbs

FPS: 300

Weight: 7.48lbs

Length: 36.5″

Width: (Limb to Limb) 27.5″

String Length: 37.6″

Arrow Length: 20”

Crossbow Type

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Quad Limb Compound – As mentioned earlier the Hellfire II utilizes a quad limb compound design which allows it to achieve a consistently powerful and smooth release. The limbs are made using compression technology which results in less vibration resulting in efficient, accurate shots that are much quieter than one would expect. Due to the Arrow Precision’s simplified wheel and cable system the Hellfire II is also easier to handle and maintain than most compound crossbows as well.

Arrow Precision Inferno Hellfire II Assembly


As with most of Arrow Precision’s line the Hellfire II is quite simple to assemble, requiring very little crossbow specific knowledge due to the detailed instruction manual. There are only a few connections you need to make, connecting the bow to the riser, then the stirrup, scope, and quiver. All the necessary tools for assembly are included with the package and assembly shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Arrow Precision Inferno Hellfire II Features


4×32 Multi-reticle illuminated scope – This scope ships with all Hellfire II packages, and gives you an option of red or green reticles. It is sighted out to 50 yards and provides good accuracy throughout this range and beyond. While the scope is of generally good quality, it seems to be limiting for some customers who have more experience so you may consider upgrading it at some point, but for those whose skill is in the beginner to intermediate range this scope will surely provide everything you need.

Anti-Dry fire System – A nice addition to the Hellfire II is this built-in ADF system, this feature helps to prevent the crossbow from firing if there is not an arrow properly loaded into place. This system adds a lot of value to the package because it will prevent a significant amount of damage that can come from dry fires, extending the crossbow’s lifespan significantly, especially for newer shooters who have not developed proper crossbow handling skills.

4 x Arrow Precision 20” Carbon Arrows – The Hellfire II package also comes with four Arrow Precision brand arrows, these arrows are made specifically for Arrow Precision’s crossbows and are of decent quality they simply need broadheads attached to be ready for hunting.

4 Arrow Quick Detach Quiver – A durable plastic quiver that is designed to be able to be detached and reattached quickly in order to suit your preferences and situation.

Rope Cocking Aid – The Hellfire II has a bit of a hefty draw at 185 lbs which is not easy to handle for anyone, luckily the package comes with this rope cocking aid that will just about half the force needed to cock the string.

Pair of Shooting Goggles

1 x Shoulder Sling

1 x Tube of Lubricant

Arrow Precision Inferno Hellfire II Performance Overview


In my opinion the Arrow Precision Hellfire II is one of the best introductory hunting crossbows out there, providing a mix of technology and performance that makes the learning process simple but allows you to get more out of the crossbow as your skill increases. This crossbow is capable of producing a very respectable arrow speed of 300 FPS which with good broadheads is more enough power to take down fairly large prey inside of 50 yards and even further if you have the skill.

Customer Reviews

Pros & Cons



Value – You get a very significant bang for your buck with the Hellfire II package, the amount of quality features and technology that is included is quite rare on a crossbow with this price point.

Performance – In addition to the extras in the package the Hellfire II performs well above it’s competition in this price range and provides an decent level of performance for shooters of all skill levels.

Usability – The compact and easy to maneuver nature of the Hellfire II make it very comfortable to shoot, especially considering it is a compound crossbow. The comfort level makes it significantly more accessible for newer shooters who might be intimidated by some of the higher end crossbows.

Noise Level – The Hellfire II’s relatively short range is balanced out by the fact that it has very good vibration reduction and thus a very quiet and efficient shot that the vast majority of game will not be able to react to.


Scope may need to be upgraded – Some customers do not care for the included scope that ships with the Hellfire II package, if you fall into this camp and do not already own a suitable scope you may have to purchase one.

Review overview

Velocity 8.7
Draw Weight 9.3
Energy 8.6
Power 9
Stroke 8.8
Price 8.9


8.9 tech score The accuracy of the Hellfire II is quite reliable within its ideal range, and even novices should have little problem hitting their mark at 30+ yards. One other notable aspect is how easy it is to use, the balance of the crossbow makes the 7 lb weight feel much lighter than it is, in addition the padded grip and light but smooth trigger make firing the Hellfire II very nice.


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