Tenpoint Titan Xtreme Crossbow Review

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In our opinion the best sort of crossbow that you can buy is one that is highly accessible to the beginner, but is advanced enough that as the hunter grows in skill the crossbow will stay relevant and grow with them, staying useful as long the hunter continues to hunt. Unfortunately the list of crossbows that meet these criteria is pretty small, and if you are looking for one that falls into a price range that will be affordable by the average hunter you are left with what amounts to a handful of options, luckily we have pinned down one of these elusive crossbows, the Tenpoint Titan Xtreme and we will address all the reasons why this may be one of the best bang for your buck crossbows on the market right now.

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Crossbow Cocking Guide

A crossbow is an age-old weapon used both in hunting and warfare. The crossbow is now believed to be an ancient Chinese weapon, developed hundreds of years before Medieval Europe began to use it. The
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